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Thank you for submitting your independent crop advisor referral! If they are not already in our database and they complete a survey, we will send you a cheque for $25.

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Custom Research

For comprehensive market research tailored to their business, leaders in agriculture choose Custom Research from Stratus because we make their needs our highest priority. 

What makes Custom Research from Stratus unique?


How we approach Custom Research is driven by our core values. Service is our focus, and it's what keeps our clients coming back.  


Agricultural partners in our database enjoy sharing their opinions on products and services they use every day through our online surveys. They are scattered across Canada and the US, grow a diversity of crops and livestock, and represent a variety of demographic segments—their opinions are the backbone of agriculture. We value their time, and compensate them fairly. 


Our clients trust in our innovative market research practices and advanced statistical methods to help them answer important questions. Our team of certified market research professionals specialize in translating huge volumes of complex data into clear, robust reports. Through our affiliation to professional associations and years of experience delivering market research on a series of topics, exceptional Custom Research is our guarantee.  


For more than 20 years, we have delivered syndicated market research to leaders in the agriculture industry. Our vast portfolio of syndicated studies and our team's broad industry knowledge enables us to bring deep insight to our clients. From multiple roles in ag retail, crop protection and seed, product development and more, our market research experts have dedicated their careers to agribusiness. 

Contact us to further explore Custom Research tailored to your business. 

Syndicated Research

20+ Years Doing Ag Market Research

For over 20 years, Stratus has delivered meaningful Syndicated Research to leaders of the agriculture industry, analyzing market trends in crop protection, seed and more. Our team’s broad agriculture industry experience combined with marketing research expertise form the foundation of reports that deliver clear insights and practical tactics.

We consult with our large, unbiased database of farmers and retailers to bring the real story to our clients. Our team of market research professionals, including those nationally accredited as Certified Marketing Research Professionals, summarize key metrics and business fundamentals in engaging reports. Our Syndicated Research studies are readily available and continually updated with current market insights.

See our full list of Syndicated Research solutions below.

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We believe that sharing information leads to better decisions; and that is good for agriculture. By listening to farmers like you, we can give clients the real story so they can make better decisions. Visit our blog to see your opinion in action and find out what other farmers are saying. 

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Stratus representatives can be contacted via phone or email at:

T: 204.745.5853


Corporate Address:

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Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0 Canada

Or contact an individual member of Stratus through our About Us page 

About Us

We have brought clarity and insight to the agriculture industry for over 15 years. Agri-businesses come to us when they want to grow their operation, diversify their product line or do a better job of meeting their customers’ needs. Our syndicated approach delivers data that is accurate, relevant and true to farmers.

We are all about agriculture, and we’re experts in the industry. Our team has extensive experience working in this multi-faceted market. We apply our combined agri-business knowledge to provide the best information to clients. We transform reams of complex research data into useful information that our clients can put into action.

Most importantly, we put farmers first. Their time and experience is essential to our studies, so we honour their opinions and tell their story without bias. Sharing their information helps agri-businesses make better decisions. That’s good for agriculture, and what’s good for agriculture is good for all of us.

Our Team

Our experts are focused on bringing the real story to agri-business

Working with the Stratus team means having access to a diverse blend of analytic skills and agricultural experience. The team is composed of top research professionals and is led by highly skilled marketers who specialize in agriculture. Our staff anticipates and identifies client needs, and provides critical analysis and insights. Working with us means having the tools to make better decisions for your agri-business.


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Solutions for Agri-business

Agriculture Only - Primarily Crop Focused ResearchThrough market research focused exclusively on agriculture, Stratus delivers strategic, objective insight about what farmers and retailers across Canada and the US are thinking and doing. Our research brings the real story to agribusiness managers, so they can make better decisions.

Our innovative methodology and advanced statistical analysis form the foundation of our reports. Huge volumes of complex data pour out of these studies, and we help clients see answers in the numbers. Our expertise lies in delivering key business metrics and emerging agricultural trends in engaging reports.

Online surveys capture the opinions of the thousands of farmers and retailers in our database. Over 45,000 interviews will be conducted with participants in our database this year, representing unbiased perspectives on:

Brand Strategy

Ag Retailer Performance

Whole Farm Purchasing Behavior

Customer Loyalty

Product Use & Market Size

Channel Feedback

Weed Resistance


Stratus offers an extensive list of insightful Syndicated Research solutions, as well as Custom Research tailored to your business.

Mike Weddel
Mike Weddel


Kent Fraser
Kent Fraser


Michael Reidy
Michael Reidy

Project Manager

Krista MacLean
Krista MacLean

Project Manager

Peter Weddel, CMRP
Peter Weddel, CMRP

Vice-President – Research & Operations

Matt McBean, CMRP
Matt McBean, CMRP

Project Manager

Marinus Van Dijk
Marinus Van Dijk

Senior Associate