Custom Research

Clients choose Custom Research with Stratus because they like what we offer: we accommodate their needs, have innovative ideas and present personalized, exceptional reports that deliver good value to their business. What makes our Custom Research unique is our broad ag industry knowledge and vast portfolio of syndicated research that enables us to bring deep market insight to our clients.

Custom Research with Stratus means having access to:

Our large, unbiased database of farmers and retailers. 

Agricultural partners in our database are scattered across Canada and the US, grow a diversity of crops and livestock, and represent a variety of demographic segments—their opinions are the backbone of agriculture. Online surveys capture their views on products and services they use in their operations. We value their time, and compensate them fairly. 

Our innovative methodology and advanced statistical analysis. 

Clients trust in our competent market research practices to help them answer their questions. We analyze their business using advanced market research methods. Our talent is in translating masses of complex data into clear, robust reports. 

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the agriculture industry.

From multiple roles in ag retail, crop protection, seed, product development and everything in between, our market research experts have dedicated their careers to agribusiness. Our team’s diverse blend of analytical skills and experience in the North American agriculture industry—combined with an emphasis on staying current with changes in the industry—is the foundation of the quality Custom Research we deliver to our clients.

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