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Dynamics of Data in Agriculture - New Report Released

Stratus Ag Research recently released the 2nd annual report on farmer practices with and perceptions of field data management software applications.

Our survey found that across North America more farmers are using field data management software to capture field records compared to one year ago.  Agreement is also stronger compared to one year ago, that the need for improved profitability will necessitate the use of such software in the future.

The report contains performance ratings for a number of the farm data management platforms available to farmers today, a listing of the most commonly used software features and explores the role of 3rd parties in the use of software on farm.

Marketing Managers of data management software providers use the Dynamics of Data in Agriculture report to keep up with changing farmer expectations and competitive standards.

Dynamics of Data in Agriculture report delivers actionable insights that clients can use to:

  • Identify important software features that farmers are wanting.
  • Assess current communication strategies and provide guidance for future marketing campaigns.
  • Target communications to a farmer profile who are most interested in field data management software.
  • Build support among service providers, knowing their role in supporting software adoption and utilization.
  • Identify farmer training needs in order to enhance farmer experience with their software.
  • Evaluate opportunities to target competitor software knowing user perceptions and satisfaction.

Contact Krista MacLean at (204) 745-5853 or to learn more.

By Vice-President, Client Services

Krista MacLean has been studying trends in agriculture in both Canada and the US since 2013 when she first joined Sratus Ag Research.  Krista specializes in helping clients extract valuable insights from syndicated market research, as well as developing the study content and methodology for their proprietary research needs.  Her marketing background and extensive practical knowledge of the agriculture industry enable Krista to assist clients in turning research insights into effective strategies for their agribusinesses.

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