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New Stratus Report Released:  Big Shifts in Preferred Wheat Varieties

In 2015, 2016 and 2018 Stratus surveyed wheat growers about the varieties they grew, using both certified and bin-run seed. The analysis reveals some big swings.

In 2018 only three varieties were grown on more than a million acres each, led by AAC Brandon on over 5 million acres.  It has been a long time since one variety has been so widely grown in Western Canada.

Back in 2016 the biggest variety was Strongfield, grown on 1.9 million acres; with AAC Brandon, Transcend, Brigade and CDC Utmost rounding out the top five varieties that year, each grown on more than one million acres.

Transcend also made big gains, to over 2 million acres in 2018.  The other three leaders from 2016 – Strongfield, Brigade and Utmost – lost a lot of acres by 2018, but Strongfield remains one of the three with over a million acres.

The success of AAC Brandon is just one of many for the breeders at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Swift Current: Transcend, Elie, Viewfield, Penhold and Spitfire were also among the varieties making the biggest gains from 2016 to 2018. Across all the varieties they have developed, AAFC Swift Current accounts for 60% of all wheat grown in Western Canada.

AAFC Winnipeg had some success in 2018 with AAC Jatharia.  The University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre made gains with CDC Landmark, Precision and Titanium.


The Stratus study also includes the following data:

  • Seeding rates
  • Acres of Certified versus Bin-Run seed, by variety, class, breeder and seed company
  • Expenditures on Certified Seed, by variety, class, breeder and seed company
  • Prices for certified seed

The complete report is available now.

For more information about the “Wheat Variety Use Study”, contact:

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