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Stratus Report Released: Spread of Glyphosate Resistance is Slowing

9th annual survey of thousands of U.S. farmers shows the results of their good stewardship.

Stratus Ag Research has tracked glyphosate weed resistance since 2010 and PPO Inhibitor resistance since 2016.  Stratus has tracked glyphosate weed resistance since 2010 and PPO Inhibitor resistance since 2016.  Over that time a total of 36,312 surveys have been completed by growers.  Participating farmers have reported on resistant weeds across an average of 8 million acres in cropland each year.

That immense amount of data has helped the industry to develop the tools and improve the information that farmers need to manage the challenge of resistant weeds.  And it looks like farmers are putting those tools to good work.

Since the advent of herbicides in the 1940’s there have always been weeds naturally resistant to the products available; and weed resistance to many popular herbicides has developed over the decades.  As with previous generations of farmers facing their challenges with resistant weeds, this generation may be starting to turn the tide: acres in the U.S. with glyphosate resistant weeds increased by just 2% in 2018.

Farmers have always been concerned about resistance and the 2018 Stratus study confirms their concern remains high.  The slowing of glyphosate resistance is likely connected to that concern, the importance farmers place on looking after the land and the hard work they put into the task.  A separate Stratus study (“Resistance Practices and Attitudes”, Stratus Ag research, Nov 2017) found that land stewardship is the leading reason farmers want to prevent resistance: 82% of farmers clearly agreed with the statement that “My family or I will continue to farm this land for many years to come; therefore it is important to prevent resistant weeds”.

The Stratus report is a sign that the combination of industry investment, new tools, research and better information are making a difference. The perseverance of farmers is beginning to pay off.


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