Solutions for Agri-business

Stratus brings the real story to agri-business

Agriculture Only - Primarily Crop Focused ResearchThrough market research focused exclusively on agriculture, Stratus delivers strategic, objective insight about what farmers and retailers across Canada and the US are thinking and doing. Our research brings the real story to agribusiness managers, so they can make better decisions.

Our innovative methodology and advanced statistical analysis form the foundation of our reports. Huge volumes of complex data pour out of these studies, and we help clients see answers in the numbers. Our expertise lies in delivering key business metrics and emerging agricultural trends in engaging reports.

Online surveys capture the opinions of the thousands of farmers and retailers in our database. Over 45,000 interviews will be conducted with participants in our database this year, representing unbiased perspectives on:

Brand Strategy

Ag Retailer Performance

Whole Farm Purchasing Behavior

Customer Loyalty

Product Use & Market Size

Channel Feedback

Weed Resistance


Stratus offers an extensive list of insightful Syndicated Research solutions, as well as Custom Research tailored to your business.