Better decisions begin with syndicated research

We believe that sharing information leads to better decisions; and that is good for agriculture. Our purpose is to help farmers be heard and to give clients the real story, so they can make better decisions.

Stratus is a market research company focused entirely on agriculture. We use syndicated research to provide an unbiased view to clients. Our talent is in translating masses of complex data into clear, effective, useful information. We produce great reports, and we are always finding ways to bring insight to new issues. If you’re a farmer and you want to share your opinion, participate in one of our surveys. If you’re in agri-business and want new market insights, explore our reports.


We move with the market and create new studies for new issues.


We create surveys and gather the opinions of farmers and retailers.


We work with clients to identify insights they can put into action.


We publish our findings into highly accurate and detailed studies.