Grain Marketing in North America

Client Objective

Successful grain marketing is a critical success factor for many farming operations.  Our client wanted to further their understanding of the grain marketing process for North American farmers to assess the opportunity for grain marketing tools and advisory services.

Our Approach

  • Drawing from our extensive database, we conducted an online survey targeting 300 farmers in Canada and 400 farmers in the Midwest region of the US.
  • Respondents described their current grain marketing processes including their utilization of contracting tools, storage, sources of market information/advice, and corresponding level of satisfaction with the process.  
  • Respondents also described their utilization of, or level of interest in, grain marketing advisory services.
  • A profile of the respondents was developed.

The Results

The study clearly illustrated:

  • The process of grain marketing – evaluating differences by various demographic/farmographic categories and geographies.
  • Utilization of various grain marketing tools.
  • Use and performance of grain marketing advisory service providers.
  • Factors driving choice of grain marketing advisory services.

Our client was able to use this information to determine the opportunity space for new grain marketing tools and deploy the right strategies to bring them to market.