Launching a new crop input technology

Client Objective

The market for biological crop inputs is still young. There are few examples to follow when planning to introduce a new technology, especially for major crops. Our client wanted an indication of grower interest and some basis for establishing their selling price.

Our Approach

  • Three focus groups were conducted to better understand how growers think about the new technology and to better focus the subsequent survey.
  • Drawing from our extensive grower database, we conducted an online survey targeting 635 corn growers across the US.
  • Respondents described their current practices, along with concerns about those practices.
  • Various product concepts and messages were tested.
  • Respondents were shown a thorough and accurate description of the new technology.
  • Respondents’ reactions to the product were captured, positive and negative.
  • A discrete choice model was used to measure product uptake at various price points.
  • Respondents indicated what would compel them to try the new product and if they were interested in participating in the launch.

The Results

The study clearly illustrated:

  • Growers liked the concept. Certain information was needed before adoption.
  • Brand positioning and key messages needed to focus on certain concepts.
  • The opportunities with various use patterns were quantified.
  • The sales potential was quantified, and the optimum price identified.

Our client was able to use this information to make important decisions about product design, messaging, pricing and launch tactics. Respondents even volunteered for on-farm trials. Knowing the sales potential enabled the client to right-size the marketing budget and attract investment.