Pricing a new herbicide to maximize profitability across the product line.

Client Objective

Herbicide markets are crowded and highly segmented. Our client had two successful brands in soybeans and wanted to launch a third, but at a price that would improve overall profits.

Our Approach

  • Drawing from our extensive grower database, we conducted an online survey targeting 400 soybean growers in the Midwest and Southern regions of the US.
  • Respondents described the herbicides they had used the previous year, and intentions for the coming season.
  • Weed concerns and priorities were identified, especially resistance.
  • Maximum Difference Scaling was used to rate importance of product attributes.
  • Respondents were introduced to the new product concept and their reactions were collected.
  • A Discrete Choice Analysis was used to measure use of the new product and the market’s leading brands across a range of price scenarios.

The Results

The study clearly illustrated:

  • The market drivers (what really matters to growers in this market).
  • Key advantages and grower concerns with the new product.
  • Perceptions of the existing brands.
  • Impact of the new product on the product line at various price points.

The client used this information to make better decisions about brand messaging and choosing the most profitable price for their products.