What Do Farmers Think of Grower Programs?

It is now common practice for Crop Protection and Seed companies to offer rewards programs designed to encourage farmers to purchase multiple products from their company. But what do farmers think of these programs?

In the fall of 2019, Stratus completed a survey of 1,150 US farmers with an average farm size of 2,300 acres.  The study examined farmer participation in programs in 2019 and the resulting impact on company shares. The study also looked at awareness of programs, intentions to participate in 2020 and attitudes about how farmers use programs. The top 4 Crop Protection companies were profiled in the study as well as the leading 9 Seed companies.

Farmers say that a grower rewards program is one of the most useful things that companies can do.  Farmers located in the South say programs are even more useful, but older farmers are not so enthused.

On average, Seed companies who get farmers to participate in their grower rewards program earn 53% of their business. That compares with 41% for a field demonstration tour and just 14% for those who recall their magazine advertising.

Among those farmers who participated in a grower rewards program in 2019, 50% admitted that the program had an impact on their brand purchase decisions.  Only 29% of farmers said that they ignore program offers.

It is clear that grower programs are viewed as helpful by most farmers, and programs have a positive impact on sales.

The companies who purchase this study know how their program stacks up versus their competitors. 

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