What Do Farmers Think of Grower Programs?
September 11, 2020 by Mike Weddel

It is now common practice for Crop Protection and Seed companies to offer rewards programs designed to encourage farmers to purchase multiple products from their company. But what do farmers think of these…

Product Knowledge for Crop Protection Retailers – How Important Is It?
August 14, 2020 by Mike Weddel

How much do retailers need to know about a crop protection product to feel comfortable recommending it to their farm customers? Will they recommend a product based on its reputation, or do they need to know its…

What Are Farmers Looking for in a Pre-Emergent Corn Herbicide?
July 21, 2020 by Michael Reidy

Product choice is a wonderful thing. It provides great opportunities to try something new; yet, it can be frustrating as you try to decide which product will work best for you. How do you make that purchase…

US Farmers Answering Surveys…Why Do They Do It?
July 11, 2020 by Mike Weddel

Busy, busy, busy. That seems to be the mantra today among nearly anyone you speak to and farmers are no different. Yet, amidst their daily chores, farmers will take the time to answer a survey. Why?

What Motivates Ag Retailers to Recommend Certain Crop Protection Products – Profit Or Performance?
June 26, 2020 by Mike Weddel

Most farmers rely on their local retailer to help them choose the right crop protection products for their farm. But farmers sometimes wonder: “Is my retailer recommending the best product for me, or the most…