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2018 US Corn and Soybean Seed Dealer Feedback Report Released

Last month, Stratus Ag Research released the 2018 US Corn & Seed Dealer Feedback report, designed to identify things that the dealer network thinks their seed company supplier should do to improve dealer effectiveness. We captured hundreds of Seed Dealer opinions on AgReliant Genetics, Beck's Hybrids, DEKALB/Asgrow, Channel, Golden Harvest and Pioneer.

Along with containing the dealer network views of the major corn and soybean seed brands, the following are key insights derived from the report:

  1. Seed dealers agree that product performance is paramount. But after product performance, 50% of seed dealers are focused mostly on profit for both themselves and their customers; 35% are primarily interested in the agronomics and a small segment is focused on being effective sales people.
  2. Although dealers say that product performance is most important, the quality of programs and support activities differentiate the leading seed brands.
  3. High yields and consistent performance year-after-year drive seed dealer confidence in recommending corn and soybean seed. Knowing that the brand will perform well for their customers is overwhelmingly the most important reason for selling a brand.
  4. Seed company reps who focus on helping dealers build their business or building strong relationships are much more effective than those who focus on technical features or details of their programs. Length of time on the territory also drives sales rep performance.

The report illustrates the performance of seed brands as viewed by their seed dealers in the following key areas: product performance, sales force, agronomic support, promotional support, grower program, business planning, operational support, dealer program and selling skills training. Comparisons are provided across brands, and changes are illustrated from 2017 to 2018.

The US Corn & Seed Dealer Feedback report delivers actionable insights that clients can use to:

  • Identify ways to improve dealer support for their brand.
  • Take steps to improve dealer success selling their brand to growers.
  • Evaluate their sales force; identify training needs; establish contact frequency targets.
  • Provide support activities and sales tools that support the dealer network more effectively.
  • Evaluate/modify their dealer program in the context of competitor program offers.
  • Strengthen their grower offers.
  • Improve their product supply chain and product distribution system.
  • Understand brand strengths and limitations.

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By President

Mike’s extensive experience in all aspects of agri-business led him to discover the tremendous value of customer insight and how it can be applied to developing successful business strategies. He founded Stratus Ag Research in 1996 and has since been helping clients identify critical issues and make practical, functional recommendations based on comprehensive and innovative research.

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