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New Report Released:  Company Behaviors Distinguish Highest Rated Companies

Stratus Ag Research recently released the 2018 US Farmer Feedback to Crop Science Companies. The report is designed to enable Crop Protection & Seed companies to strengthen their position with farmers by tracking the extent, quality and impact of their interactions.

Stratus surveyed 1,161 US farmers from all across the US on their perceptions of the leading CP and Seed Companies in North America. 

Study Highlights

  • Farmers think mass media advertising is not that useful, but recall of media ads has a positive impact.  For example, alignment is 20 points higher among customers who recall receiving direct mail from that company.
  • Multiple types of contact are required to maximize customer alignment.  With no interaction, only 24% of customers are aligned.  Alignment increases all the way to 80% among customers who experienced 9 different touchpoints.
  • Farmers say that quality products and good value are of paramount importance.  But company behaviors distinguish the higher rated companies. Trust, rep support and understanding farmer issues drive company preference.
  • All types of interactions with farmers strengthen customer alignment and drive more prospects, and the quality of those interactions makes a huge difference. 
  • Multiple types of contact are required to maximize customer alignment.  Farmers who are aligned with a company do more business with that company, they interact more frequently and more positively with that company, and they hold more positive perceptions of that company.  

What does the report contain?

  • Farmer perceptions of companies, showing trends over time.
  • Farmer affinity for companies using willingness to recommend and preferred customer metrics.NPS scores are calculated.Comparisons of Promoters, Passives and Detractors are provided to illustrate the value of aligned customers and interactions required to drive alignment.
  • Sales force performance; linkage between rep performance and customer alignment.
  • A comparison of companies providing a detailed examination of 15 different touchpoints related to field activities, advertising and promotional activities including how many farmers experienced each touchpoint, how they rate the quality of those touchpoints and how those touchpoints impacted customers and non-customers. 


Mike Weddel

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Mike’s extensive experience in all aspects of agri-business led him to discover the tremendous value of customer insight and how it can be applied to developing successful business strategies. He founded Stratus Ag Research in 1996 and has since been helping clients identify critical issues and make practical, functional recommendations based on comprehensive and innovative research.

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