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Cotton Seed Brand Decisions Getting More Complex

Stratus Ag Research recently released the 2019 Cotton Seed & Trait Focus360 report. This report is designed is to enable Seed companies to understand evolving grower perceptions of cotton seed brands and traits.

Along with containing the grower views of the major cotton seed and trait brands in the USA, the following are a few key insights derived from the report.

  • High yields drive seed brand decisions. Beyond yields, growers differ in their needs.  Some focus more on a brand they can trust to provide consistent performance year-after-year. Others focus more on pest tolerance – nematodes, verticillium wilt and bacterial blight.  Still others are looking for low cost and attractive programs.
  • When a cotton grower considers but rejects a seed brand, one of the most common reasons is that the brand does not have the right trait package. Lower yields and concerns about fiber quality are common reasons for rejecting some brands.
  • Performance satisfaction has a huge impact on repeat use of seed brands. 90% of growers who were very satisfied with a brand’s performance in 2018 will plant the same brand in 2019.  That drops to 55% among those who were not satisfied.
  • Satisfaction with cotton seed brands has declined over the past 3 years.  Back in 2016, 50% of brand users were very satisfied.  Satisfaction has dropped to just 30% very satisfied in 2018. As a result, cotton growers are less committed to the brands they grew in 2018.
  • When it comes to trait decisions, weed control is far more important than insect control. Glyphosate resistance is driving those decisions.  Some growers are looking for reliable, flexible control of those resistant weeds.  Others need to control glyphosate resistant weeds but they are also concerned about drift to/from neighboring fields.
  • When it comes to insect control traits, grower satisfaction is much higher for the new generation of Bt traits – Bollgard 3 and WideStrike 3.

The Cotton Seed & Trait Focus360 report delivers actionable insights that clients can use to:

  • Understand grower perceptions of seed brands and traits; their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Track changes in grower perceptions over time.
  • Establish clear product positions based on factors that drive grower decisions.
  • Evaluate their communication messages.
  • Plan new variety development.
  • Get an early indication of changes in brand use.
  • Consider tactics that will improve consideration rates and sales success rates.

For more information about “Cotton Seed Focus360”, contact:

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Mike’s extensive experience in all aspects of agri-business led him to discover the tremendous value of customer insight and how it can be applied to developing successful business strategies. He founded Stratus Ag Research in 1996 and has since been helping clients identify critical issues and make practical, functional recommendations based on comprehensive and innovative research.

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