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New Report Released:  Ag Retailers Provide Their Opinions on Crop Protection Manufacturers

Ag retailers across North America recently provided Stratus with a thorough assessment of the products, staff and service provided by today's leading crop protection companies.

Clients may use this study to:

  • Determine what retailers need in order to effectively service their farmer customers.
  • Take steps to ensure adequate training and resources so that retailers can effectively support their product in the field.
  • Evaluate their sales force; identify training needs; establish contact frequency targets.
  • Implement activities and provide sales tools that support retailers more effectively

A few highlights from the report include:

  • Retailers that are Detractors (Not willing to recommend a company’s products) are often unhappy with the effectiveness of CP company’s sales rep, the profitability of the product portfolio or a lack of technical/agronomic support from the CP company.
  • Specifically in the United States - On average, only 15% of retailers are willing to promote the full line of products for a single CP company.
  • Retailer product support is driven by companies that stand behind their products. Retailers are also more willing to support products that they feel offer good value to their customers.
  • Face-to-Face contact is still an important part of the business-to-business relationship. Retailers that see manufacturer reps frequently are more likely to support those companies and make them a bigger part of their overall crop protection business. Retailers want to deal with reps that support their business and build trusting relationships.
  • Retail staff training is one of the most useful support activities that CP Manufactures can provide to retailers. Demonstration sites and CP Manufacturer participation in grower meetings are also valuable supports for retails.
  • Retailer profitability is an important consideration as retailers look to invest in providing the best service and tools to their customers.  It is also important for CP companies to deliver products on-time, accurately and be able to meet the demand of retailer’s farm customers.

New for 2018:

  • In-Depth Promoter analysis explores the difference between exclusive, selective and multi-company promoters.
  • Retailer perceptions of alternative options for procuring crop protection products, such as FNA and online purchasing options like FBNDirect.