Syndicated Research

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20+ Years Doing Ag Market Research

For over 20 years, Stratus has delivered meaningful Syndicated Research to leaders of the agriculture industry, analyzing market trends in crop protection, seed and more. Our team’s broad agriculture industry experience combined with marketing research expertise form the foundation of reports that deliver clear insights and practical tactics.

We consult with our large, unbiased database of farmers and retailers to bring the real story to our clients. Our team of market research professionals, including those nationally accredited as Certified Marketing Research Professionals, summarize key metrics and business fundamentals in engaging reports. Our Syndicated Research studies are readily available and continually updated with current market insights.

See our full list of Syndicated Research solutions below.

Track farmer reactions to fine-tune your brand strategy and tactics.

Build better brand strategy by using grower insight for all aspects of the seed marketing mix.

Maximize channel support. Know which factors drive channel behavior and how crop protection and seed manufacturers are viewed.

Maximize channel support. Know which factors drive channel behavior and how seed companies and their seed brands are viewed by the channel.

Make the right channel resourcing decisions. Know the strengths and limitations of each channel, as perceived by growers.

Strengthen market position. Understand the strengths and limitations of individual hybrids based on grower experience.

Track growers and acres affected by glyphosate resistant weeds, by species and geography. Monitor the level of grower concern.

Understand current grower practices and attitudes to managing the potential development of weed resistance on their farms.

Track the dynamics of important seed and crop protection markets in Canada, with detailed data on market size and brand shares.

Plan business strategies knowing trends in seed brand share positions and customer experiences.

A step forward in customer marketing: Optimize customer marketing strategy for seed and/or crop protection. Focus resources on the best customer and competitor targets.

Refine your digital growth strategy based on changing farm practices and experience.

With the challenges and opportunities facing Canadian farmers, understand how well financial institutions are meeting their needs.

Track the extent, quality and impact of your interactions with farmers.