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Enable ag retail organizations to implement strategies to grow in today’s environment by learning what is important to farmers, and understanding their organization’s competitive strengths in the market.



Ag Retailers

Ag Retailers



Key Questions

  • What factors drive farmers’ fertilizer, seed and crop protection decisions?
  • How do farmers perceive your retail organization vs. competitors?
  • What influence do retailers have when it comes to purchase decisions?
  • How do the services you offer, the touchpoints you make and the types of discussions you have affect your purchase influence?
  • What are the gaps in retailer involvement in the decision-making process?
  • How willing are farmers to recommend their retailers to other farmers?
  • How might data-driven decision-making impact future purchase decisions?
  • What expectations do farmers have for the role of their local retailer in their sustainability journey?

Study Content:

Separately for each product category (Fertilizer/Seed/Crop Protection):

  • Ability of Retailer to Influence Purchases
  • Types of Discussions
  • Service Delivery
  • Retailer Touchpoints
  • Willingness to Recommend
  • Retailer Share of Expenditure

Decision Drivers & Retailer Performance
Field Data Management Software
Distribution Disruptors

Historical Data

3 years included in the report for most retail companies. More history is available if needed.

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