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Dynamics of Data in Agriculture


Enable field data management software providers to better understand how farmers intend to use software, what benefits they expect to receive, which features they are most interested in, and the factors that will ultimately drive their decisions on which software brands to use.



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Field Data Management Software Brands

Field Data Management Software Brands

Canada & US

Canada & US

Key Questions

  • To what extent are farmers using field data management software?
  • What software brands are farmers using?
  • Which software features are farmers using, which ones are most important in the operation management of their farm?
  • What factors are driving decisions as to which software brand to use?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each field data management software brand?
  • What role do 3rd parties play in the use of software on the farm?
  • How satisfied are farmers with the software brand they are using?
  • How likely are they to recommend the brand they are using to other farmers?
  • To what extent will the documenting of sustainable agriculture practices be important in the future?

Study Content

  • Software Practices
  • Software Brand Positioning & Experience
  • Promotion
  • Record Keeping Practices

Historical Data

3 years included in the report. More history available if needed.

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