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Evolution of Channel Influence


Enable crop protection companies to evaluate their push vs. pull marketing strategies, by analyzing how sellers influence purchase decisions today and exploring how that might change in the future.



Major Crop Protection Brands

Major Crop Protection Brands



Key Questions

  • How should resources be allocated between push and pull strategies?
  • How should you plan for changes in the CP purchase decision journey and how should your strategy be adjusted?
  • What are the gaps in CP retailer involvement in the decision-making process?
  • What are the important factors in farmers choice of retailer to support?
  • What information sources do farmers use to make CP purchase decisions?
  • What services do CP retailers deliver in support of the CP sale?
  • What is the retailer’s level of influence over product purchase decisions?
  • What factors drive the retailer to achieve a greater level of purchase influence?
  • How will the digitization of agriculture impact the customer decision journey and the level of influence that CP retailers have?
  • What expectations do farmers have for the role of their local retailer in their sustainability journey?
  • What is the threat from alternative distributors?

Study Content:

  • Retailer Activities to Support the CP Purchase
  • Information Sources for CP Purchases
  • Retailer Purchase Influence
  • Retailer Involvement in CP Company Support Activities
  • Field Data Management Software Support
  • Retailer Role in Sustainability
  • Distribution Disruptors
  • Factors Driving Purchase Influence

Historical Data

Some historical trends

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