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Farmer Feedback


Enable crop protection and seed companies to strengthen their position in the marketplace by evaluating their interactions with farmers.



Major Crop Protection Brands and Seed Companies

Major Crop Protection Brands and Seed Companies

Canada & US

Canada & US

Key Questions

  • What touchpoints and interactions do farmers consider to be most useful?
  • How many farmers interact with your company vs. your competitors?
  • What are the most effective touchpoints?
  • How is your company perceived by farmers? Is that changing over time?
  • What do farmers think of your grower programs?
  • How is your sales force rated by farmers?
  • Does your field data management software impact your Seed/CP?
  • What are your cross-selling opportunities between Seed and CP?

Study Content

  • Company Commitment
  • Farmer Touchpoints
  • Company Image
  • Grower Programs
  • Sales Force Evaluation
  • Field Data Management Software
  • Seed and Crop Protection Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • Market Positions
  • Farmer Profile

Historical Data

3 years on most factors.

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