Crop Protection

Original Crop Protection Brands Vs. Generics


Defend original branded products against generics. Examine how to maintain customer loyalty following patent expiration. See the optimal price gap relative to generic pricing.



Herbicides & Fungicides

Herbicides & Fungicides

Canada & US

Canada & US

Key Questions

  • What experiences have farmers had with generics — purchase and performance?
  • How do farmers decide between original brand and generic? What role does the retailer play?
  • What price differential drives growers to generics?
  • What non-price factors influence willingness to consider a generic — Commodity prices, company familiarity, supply fear?
  • Do farmers value original brand manufacturer services — Product warranty, advice, research investments?
  • What additional services could manufacturers offer that would lead to increased loyalty — Grower programs, insurance/risk mitigation, digital software access?
  • How does preference for original brands vary across product categories, crops, geography and demographic segment?
  • Are there segments of farmers that differ based on their affinity for generics? What is their profile? How price sensitive is each segment?

Study Content:

  • Past Experience with Generics
  • Decision Making Process
  • Perceptions vs. Original Brands
  • Farmer Segmentation
  • Factors Impacting Consideration
  • Price/Service Uptake Modeling

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