Financial Institutions

Performance of Financial Institutions


Enable financial institutions to track how well they are serving farmers, adjust their strategies and anticipate future needs, based on survey results from Canadian farmers who were asked about their financial needs and the performance of leading financial institutions.



Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions



Key Questions

  • What are the most important challenges/issues impacting the farm operation today and over the next five years?
  • Which financial institutions are farmers currently doing business with and which ones do they consider to be their main financial institution?
  • What is the extent of the relationships with multiple financial institutions?
  • What credit services/products are farmers currently receiving?
  • What is the overall satisfaction with financial institutions and the performance?
  • Which financial institution is considered best in class and why?
  • What experience do farmers have with the account manager they work with?
  • What is the future direction of farm operations – grow, downsize, exit or stay the same?
  • What major purchases/investments do farmers intend to make in the next 5 years?
  • How much financing is required to cover these purchases?
  • How much cash surplus do farmers have to invest?

Study Content:

  • Farm Issues/Challenges and Aspirations
  • Experience with Financial Institutions
  • Perceptions of Financial Institutions
  • Experience with Account Manager
  • Future Financial Services Needs
  • Farmer Profile

Historical Data

1-3 years depending on availability

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