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Examines the perceptions and experiences of retailers when it comes to field data management software brands. The purpose of this study is to generate actionable insights for software providers to build support for their digital ag tools among retailers.



Sample Size


Field Data Management Software Brands

Field Data Management Software Brands

Canada & US

Canada & US

Key Questions

  • How knowledgeable are retailers about field data management software brands?
  • Which software brands do they recommend?
  • How confident are retailers in recommending software brands to their customers?
  • What messages are retailers communicating about software brands?
  • How much contact are software companies having with retailers?
  • What support activities are provided by each company?
  • To what extent are retailers engaging with their customers in the utilization of software on farm?
  • What types of activities are retailers engaging in with their customers?
  • How do retailers rate the performance of software brands?
  • What drives retailers to support some brands over others?

Study Content

  • Software Brand Experience
  • Software Brand Perceptions
  • Software Company Interactions

Historical Data

Trends compared to 2022

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